School Library Services

  • Children's and YA print books in English and French

  • Digital collection of ebooks, audiobooks, accessible ebooks, online encylopedias, videos and databases

  • Class visits, library orientation, materials on specific subjects, story time, and online searching instruction

Contact your school library technician for more information about available services.

Professional Library Services

  • Education research and information journals

  • Education print collection

  • Education ebook collection

More information and links to the collections ca be found on the Professional Library page.

Simultaneous Use Ebooks

Here are the simultaneous use ebooks collections for the the 2022-23 school year. Unlimited readers can borrow these books at the same time - great for literature circles and discussion groups!

Biblius (K-11)

The ebook platform from MEQ includes a collection of simultaneous use ebooks, Collection partagée (available Sept 1), offered for the 2022-23 school year.


The No Wait Titles From Sora is a simultaneous use ebook collection.

TumbleBooks & Tumble Biblio Enfants

All ebooks in the Tumblebooks and Tumble Biblio Enfants platforms are simultaneous use.

More information about ebook resources for LBPSB students and staff can be found here: Ebooks: Anytime, Anywhere.

Biblius : Capsules de formation pour enseignants

Biblius est une plateforme de prêt de livres numériques consacrée au milieu scolaire. Le projet Biblius s’inscrit dans le cadre du Plan d’action numérique en éducation et en enseignement supérieur du MEQ.

La plateforme Biblius comprend les livres numériques qui se trouvaient auparavant sur Cantook Station, ainsi qu'une collection offerte par le MEQ, «La collection partagée».

La collection partagée (lecture simultanée) ~ Shared Collection (Simultaneous Use)

Les assignations de lecture ~ Assigning a Book

La synthèse vocale ~ Text-to-Speech